Hey there!

Let’s work together! I enjoy new relationships with companies and other bloggers/vloggers. Please let me know if you would like to work together in the future! The opportunity to connect with other beauty gurus gets me all giddy!

This blog is based on the opinions and ideas of my own. I am not a professional makeup artist and I am not a professional hair stylist. Companies do not pay me to write and review their products. I have been working in the fashion industry for the past 5 years and that is what made me decide to start my own blog. I have a passion for makeup and all things beauty related and I want to share my thoughts with you!

Comments are always welcome! However, please remember that I am a REAL person on the other side of the computer. I would gladly make reviews, tutorials etc on things you recommend and accept constructive criticism! I love listening and hearing what my audience has to say. I always respond to everyone! 🙂

All of the photographs on my website are taken by yours truly unless stated otherwise. Please ask me if you would like to use my photos and credit me appropriately as I would do to you. I will most likely always say yes! 🙂 If you decide to take without asking then that would be stealing…and not very nice.