Finding the Right Mascara


I love a good mascara! Mascara is one thing I cannot leave the house without. I look more awake and my lashes look full whenever I wear it and I never wear fake eyelashes..EVER…I feel like they always look too fake on me…so finding that perfect mascara that makes mine look fabulous is important to me. I have a few reviews of different mascaras that I have been using…

Too Faced – Better Than Sex

Okay, so I have heard everyone gushing and raving about this mascara…so naturally I had to pick one up for myself and see what the fuss was about. I purchased mine at Sephora for $24. Probably the most I have ever spent on a mascara, but I had to see for myself. Let me just start off by saying that I am probably the only one that was not impressed with it….at all. The container is heavy and pretty, easy to grip which I liked. The actual formula did not work for me. It was so clumpy that I looked like I was wearing mascara that had expired. I like the wand shape and size but that’s about it. I was very disappointed because I usually love all of Too Faced products.


Loreal – Voluminous

This is actually the mascara I wear every day. It gets the job done and makes my lashes stand out. I get the one with a curved brush to help give curl to my lashes. Very impressed with this mascara for the price.


Smashbox – Full Exposure

I received a sample size of this mascara not too long ago. The wand is nice because it is long and doesn’t pick up too much product. It doesn’t lengthen my lashes which the Loreal one does. I wouldn’t purchase this one but I don’t necessarily hate it.


Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes

This came in my IPSY bag and I have tried using it. It’s always good to have some back up mascaras in case one runs up. πŸ™‚ I also like layering and experimenting with the different brushes. This specific mascara was okay but it did not curl my lashes which it claims to do. The brush was normal..nothing unique about it and the formula was okay. Went on smooth and not clumpy.



I was drawn to this mascara because of the wand and the tube. I like big wands and I cannot lie. ( HA HA ) I like volume, I like big, I like luscious, I like my lashes to be dramatic. Sometimes I only wear mascara and lipstick so I want my eyes to pop! This specific mascara did not last too long before clumping up. 😦 I was a little disappointed by that, but overall it was great!


Sometimes the more expensive stuff isn’t really worth it. I will be sticking with my Loreal mascara for now…until I hear of something super amazing!

Take care,


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