Best Way to Fake a Tan!


Chicago winter can be brutal and leave you as white as Snow White. It’s not necessarily a bad problem by any means, but a nice glow is always pretty once in a while. If you’re super busy like me and can’t get out in the sun, a little self tanner always does the trick!

Here are my favorites!


Vita Liberata!
This is my favorite product! It’s a natural and streak free lotion. It gives you a little color without looking orange. I like this a lot because it’s a foam and it’s very easy to apply. It take a few hours to really set in, but it’s amazing when it does. It doesn’t smell fake and it hydrates your skin as well..


Sweet Escape by Botanica
This requires some sunshine but it helps deepen the tan. It keeps your skin soft and smells really nice at the same time. It’s non oily and also streak free.


Victoria’s Secret – Bronze
This stuff is golden..literally and figuratively haha This really makes your skin a pretty tan along with evening out your skin tone and giving you that extra color. It’s very tinted so work quirky so it doesn’t dry weird on your hands. It’s full of Vitamin E and shea butter which helps moisturize your skin. This product also comes in a spray which I may try next!

What are some of your favorite tanning products? Would love to hear your input!

Stay Beautiful!

  • N.J.



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