Spring Nails!


My favorite thing about Spring aside form the weather would be the beautiful colors! I am usually not a big fan of pastel colors, but I really fell in love with these nail polishes from Essie. I really love Essie because the consistency of the polish. It goes on a bit thin so you will need to do a few coats, but I never have an issue with it chipping right away like I do with some other brands.


Lilacism – If you know me then you know I love purple! This is such a pretty, soft, romantic color. You can even pair it with the Mint Candy Apple if you wanted to. It’s fun and trendy! I like this color because it’s not too bright and in your face and can stil be worn at work and in a professional setting.

Secret Story – It’s a brighter pink with some blue undertone to it. It’s my favorite color of pink without being too Barbie.

Ballet Slippers – This is a very light pink. It is almost a neutral color with just a sliver of pink in it. It could also be fun to combine both Secret Story and this color together for contrast. This shade of pink pairs well with any outfit you are wearing because it is so neutral.

Mint Candy Apple – I love this minty blue! It’s so refreshing to look at!

Essie can be purchased in almost any drugstore, Target, Meijer, Ulta, etc… They are roughly around $8 but worth it! Hope you enjoyed this short little post. I would love to hear what your favorite nail colors are for Spring/Summer!

Stay Beautiful!

  • N.J.

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