Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipstick Review


In case you haven’t caught on yet… I am addicted to lipstick. Matte, liquid, glossy, you name it and I will wear it. Anastasia of Beverly Hills does a phenomenal job with eyebrows and contouring so I assumed they must do an awesome job with lipsticks too. I use the powder contour kit along with the eyebrow dipbrow pomade which I LOVE!!

One of my favorite shades for Summer is Spicy by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. It’s the perfect combination of orange and red. It’s vibrant and looks great with a plan or minimul face.


The name says it all. This particular liquid lipstick is easy to apply and you really only need one layer of it because the color is so strong. It applies smoothly and the wand is thin and perfect. I am so obsessed with the color that I refuse to see the flaws…but there are a few that I have about this product.


  1. It does not last very long
  2. It looks like I have a weird problem with my lips when it wears off. It’s not very pretty. It becomes flaky and starts to feather out in strange places. 
  3. It smudges easily


  1. The color!! 
  2. It is lightweight
  3. Very pigmented so you need less product
  4. The wand makes it easy to apply
  5. Did I mention the color?!!

Overall, I don’t think I would repurchase this lipstick because it just wears off so quickly. I don’t want to feel insecure about the makeup I wear. I hate having to keep checking myself in a mirror. However, I have yet to find a similar color anywhere else. I love this brand but it was a bit of a disappointment to find this out about their lipsticks. I heard that not all of them have the same formula so I’m not sure if they are better. If you don’t mind retouching your lipstick then this product is for you!

Stay Beautiful!




9 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipstick Review

  1. nyxloves says:

    I just loved the color of the liquid lipstick. I totally agree these don’t last long and they leave a flaky texture on the lips. I don’t know but I am not a big fan of ABH lipcolors or may be I need to give it one more chance and buy a new shade. Thanks for the review. It addressed what I felt about the product.

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