Hair Care Routine


I have been in the process of really repairing my hair and growing it out long. I have changed up my routine a few times, but I really like the routine I have down right now. Pregnancy along with color treatments have caused some damage and dryness to my hair which I really need to repair.


Shampoo – There are a few shampoos I use. I really like Aussie Mega Moist and John Frieda at the moment which was recommended to me by Jemma – Click here to read her blog
I like the Aussie shampoo because it is cheap and comes in a huge bottle. I am not sure if it is just me or if my hair has really been growing faster with it…I like to think that this shampoo has helped with making my hair grow faster. 🙂 I started using the John Frieda products after going blonde ombre. I had red hair before so there are still some tints of it left which is why I use the color correcting conditioner by John Frieda. These shampoos have helped tone my hair and make it very soft.


Hair Masks – I do one once a week. You can read about what product I use in my previous post about Hair Growth. 


After Washing:

Leave in conditioner – Garnier Fructis
I use a leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair because it helps bring the moisture back to it. My hair is very dry so this helps with that issue.

Shine -Argan Oil
I live by this product! It helps with my split ends and smooths my hair out. You only need a very small amount.

For days that I don’t wash my hair….
I use a dry shampoo such as the Tresemme or Batiste to eliminate any oil buildup or greasy looking hair.



I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible. I avoid heat as much as I possibly can too…but I do straighten it once every 3 days. ( roughly) My hair does not do well with looking nice after air drying it.

What’s your hair routine? Would love to hear what you guys are using and any recommendations!

Stay Beautiful!

  • N.J.




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