My Labor Story


So, it has been two weeks since I had my daughter Penny and I thought I would share my labor story with you all. It was such an exhilarating day and I wish I could relive it over and over again. Despite all of the pain…it was so exciting getting to meet Penny for the first time.

Original due date — May 18, 2016

The last time I looked at my Pregnancy countdown before Penny arrived.

May 12, 2016

The day flew by quickly! I was at home blogging, playing with my dog Eli, and relaxing while my husband ( Steve) was at work. We were both getting super anxious and trying to keep ourselves busy as we approached the due date. We hadn’t been sleeping well and were trying to stay occupied the best we could. Steve came home from work that day and we hung out for a bit, he played some computer games, I blogged and watched Grey’s Anatomy and another episode of Friends.

9:45 p.m. We both looked at each other and noticed we completely forgot to eat dinner! So Steve decided to whip up something delicious to eat. I was just too pregnant to stand and cook over the stove. Chicken and broccoli kiev, mixed vegetables, rice and homemade garlic bread were on the menu. MMMmmmm! We joked around about when we thought the baby would come and I mentioned something along the lines of, ” Maybe all parents feel this anxious right when the baby is about to be born. Maybe she will come tomorrow.” We both had the strangest feeling that night. We sort of new something was going to happen but at the same time we didn’t. I even jokingly mentioned, ” I am so pregnant that I forget I am pregnant anymore.” HAHA

10:30 p.m. We sat on the couch and Steve finished dinner. We made ourselves comfortable and poured ourselves something to eat. I lifted up my garlic bread and was about to bite in it when it happened! My water broke! Without even taking a bite of food, I ran to the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, I came out and told my husband that Penny was on her way. We both shouted and yelled in excitement!

10:45 p.m. We were rushing around the house like crazy, hoping not to forget anything. Steve let Eli outside one last time before we left. I felt like I needed to fix myself up. I didn’t have any makeup on and felt very grungy. The only thing I did was brush my teeth and then we were off to the hospital! I felt so uncomfortable because my water broke and was still ( TMI ) leaking.

11:00 p.m. Arrived at the hospital. Steve ran inside to grab a wheelchair and we had the valet take our car away. We went up to Triage where I was evaluated to see if my water actually did break and how far along I was. The nurse checked and I was only 1 cm dilated and my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. The doctor for the evening came in to talk to me and let me know what the plan would be. He said it is good that my water broke on it’s own but also bad because I was hardly dilated. He said they would monitor me and then give me pitocin ( labor inducing drug ) to help get the ball rolling! They usually do not want the baby to hangout that long in your tummy after the water breaks. You more susceptible to getting an infection along with the baby.

Friday, MAY 13!!!!!

Midnight May 13, 2016 – They checked me into my room where I would stay until the baby arrived. I had the best nurse ever who made me laugh and take my mind off the pain. My mom and mother in law along with my husband were all there to keep me company.

2 a.m.  I wanted the epidural! After 3 hours of labor, I decided that it was in fact time to get it. The anesthesiologist was going into surgery with someone else so they wanted me to get it before he would be unavailable.

3 a.m.  The anesthesiologist came in and explained the entire process for the epidural. I never had surgery before or any anesthetic so everyone was unsure how I would react to it. The procedure took a while and it was a bit painful to say the least. I had to sit up with my arms folded as he poked me in my lower back.

4 a.m. As I was taking the epidural, I was also being injected with Pitocin through an IV. My contractions were becoming unbearable and painful. I was 2 1/2 centimeters dilated when the nurse came in to check again.

5 a.m. I asked the nurse how far along I was and hoped to be at about an 8. She jokingly said ” no, honey. you’re not.” So, I thought it was going to take a long time before we would see Penny. She then went on to say “You’re at a 10. You are definitely 10.” I was 10 cm dilated and the baby was ready to come out! The doctors and staff would be switching over from night to day. My doctor who would be delivering the baby was going to arrive at 7 a.m. The nurse had me sit up so gravity could run it’s course and I could do less pushing in the long run.

7 a.m. The nurses changed shifts and I had a difficult time holding the baby in longer. My nurse informed me that the doctor was still on her way. My epidural wasn’t working well and I was in excruciating pain. They started the epidural at a very low dose so I had to have them bump it up a bit higher. My legs were so numb I couldn’t move or lift them. I felt so sorry for the nurses…I was starting to get upset that my doctor wasn’t there yet and my baby was coming.

7:45 a.m. The nurse tells me my doctor was ten minutes away and that I can start trying to push now while we wait for the doctor. Pushing was so difficult! I was so numb that I wasn’t sure how hard I was pushing. The contractions were so painful that it made it hard to push. The epidural just numbed my legs and I still had excruciating pain in my tummy.  I had to have the anesthesiologist come back to help increase my dosage for the epidural.

8:00 a.m. The doctor is here, the nurses are here,  everyone is here to help bring this baby into the world. My nurse suggested ( TMI AHEAD ) putting a large mirror down there so I can see the progress of the baby. This was both good and really strange. They thought it would help encourage me. The pushing was so difficult for me but I was able to power through it. It was more holding my breath while I pushed that was difficult. My doctor even began singing the Salt n Pepper song, Push It Real Good. This made me giggle and help relieve some of the pain.

9:28 a.m. Penny was welcomed into the world! We did skin on skin interaction asap. She was 6 pounds and 6 ounces. After two hours, they transferred us into a real room where we stayed for two days to be monitored.

So penny arrived a week earlier than her due date which was a huge surprise for us since she was our first baby and everyone usually says that the first baby always comes late. I can’t believe she is already two weeks! I wish I could go back in time and relive the excitement!




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