The Nudes I Like 

I wear a ton of nudes…probably only nudes. Whenever I go shopping for groceries, I have to stop in the makeup isle. I usually do my grocery shopping at Super Target which is super dangerous for me. 🙂 When I stumbled across this palette, I was excited because I haven’t seen anything like it from Covergirl. I’ve usually only seen palettes of three colors or just one color so this caught me by surprise.

This palette has everything from nudes to a smokey eye. The pigment is very, very soft and silky. The colors seem to last a while but I do wear a primer so I’m not sure how they would do without one.

I really like these tones because there are lighter browns which matches well with my pale self. There are two other palettes they offer. One of them is more rosey and pinks which I will probably end up purchasing as well.

I’m not that impressed with the brush, but that’s sort of a given when it comes to drugstore makeup.

Overall this is pretty good quality for the price and I’d recommend buying it if you’re into nude colors.

Stay Beautiful!


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