A Little Life Update

Hey lovelies!

This past week has been full of making adjustments. I went into labor on May 12th and came home with a baby on May 15th! My life feels completely different along with my priorities.

My daughter Penelope is doing wonderful! We are all figuring out our schedule and getting very little sleep while doing so. We have only been home 1 night right now so we are still getting in the groove of things with her.

I have been lacking on the blogging because of this. Little Penny May will always come first in my life.

Little Penny decided she wanted to come into the world late Thursday night on May 12th. Around 10:30 p.m. when I was about to eat a late night dinner with my husband, it happened, my water broke. I initially didn’t believe it was happening since my due date was a week later and this was my first baby, but I did know right away that it was all going to happen and it happens so fast. We didn’t waste any time at all and drove to the hospital where they monitored my contractions and determined that it was in fact time for Penny to meet everyone. I had some of the best nurses around and I cannot thank them enough for taking care of me and Penny while we were there. I am savoring this time and loving my little family bubble now. 🙂






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