May Wishlist

My May Wishlist includes a few beauty products, home decor and some items to get my desk organized.

  1. A cute little face cup to hold my pens at my desk. I found this item at Target!
  2. A set of two white drawers to sit on top of my desk for organization purposes. ( Might purchase it in a different color)
  3. Blossom Cherry Lip Gloss – Urban Outfitters
  4. Light pink or clear mason jars to organize my makeup brushes
  5. MILK Face Mask – Urban outfitters
  6. Lumi Phone Case – To take selfies for my blog! ( Duh ) I found it at Urban Outfitters but it’s also available on Amazon for cheaper
  7. BH Cosmetics blush and contour kit
  8. Notebook – To keep track of my blogs and ideas
  9. Jeffree Star – Lip Scrub in Strawberry
  10. Hologram Nail Polish – Need I say more?!
  11. Peony Candle – My favorite flower so of course I want my apartment to smell like it!
  12. Hanging Plant – Urban Outfitters – I have pets so this is the perfect way to have plants and keep them out of the way from my dog and cat
  13. Solstice Summer Highlighter – Since you have all been raving about it. I cannot find it in the U.S. 😦
  14. Magazine Organier
  15. Elephant Tea Mug to hold your tea
  16. A New Purse! Something big and neutral

My wishlist is pretty darn big this month! Oh well!


  • N.J.

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