Pregnancy and Pampering


Pregnancy is the best thing in the world but also the most difficult thing your body will endure. I have had to adjust tremendously as I progressed throughout the process! I really recommend having some days to just take care of yourself and use the entire day as a pamper day. Turn your bathroom into a spa and let go of the outside world and the anxieties that pregnancy can have. I usually set up my bathroom with candles, a good magazine or book, some tea and just unplug myself for an hour or two. Let things go!

While I was pregnant, I noticed some major changes to my skin, hair, nails, feet, etc…I really began experimenting with different products to see what works with these new changes. Pregnancy has been rough on me to be 100% honest with you. You have to get used to sharing your body with another little person and sometimes you don’t feel like yourself. It is a wonderful experience but it does weigh on your confidence.


Here are some major things I did to help boost my mood!

FACE/SKIN – During the first trimester my face started breaking out like crazy and it became very dry. I couldn’t wear foundation because of this reason…it just looked awful! I became desperate as I tried different products. I was so desperate to get that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about! Two major products that helped me were the Sephora moisturizer which I mentioned in previous posts and Cetaphil Gentle Face Soap for a smooth wash in the shower. Sothys anti age cream was great to use at night once in a while. Sometimes I would do a hydrating face mask as well or the Rosy Cheeks mask from LUSH. Coconut infused lotion works wonderful for stretch marks…it really worked for me! I would apply it multiple times a day on my belly even before I started to show. I also used it on my hand s and feet…

BATH – When you’re pregnant you can still take baths, just not super hot ones..but a room temp/warm one tends to help you relax. This especially helps if you are having cramping which tends to be a problem throughout pregnancy. I love taking bubble baths! I usually poor in an oil scent like a rose or something floral.I have a collection of different oil infused scents. Who doesn’t like to smell nice?

NAILS – Since your hands and feet swell up ( sometimes not until the third trimester) it helps to keep them soft and manicured. Try using a foot scrub while you take a bath and then painting your nails and your toes ( if you can reach them! ) I wasn’t able to paint my toes during the third trimester… 😦 You can always go for a pedicure closer to your due date. I wanted to have nice nails for my due date so my hands look nice in pictures when I am holding the baby.

HAIR – I use a hair mask once in a while on these pamper days to make me feel more refreshed. You can read about my hair routine next week or read about my favorite hair mask here. 


Make sure to always take your vitamins during pregnancy!
After you are done pampering, it is nice to sit with a cup of tea in a fuzzy robe and cuddle up with your favorite book or movie. Sometimes I will prepare a platter of veggies and fruit to snack on afterwards.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Stay beautiful!

  • N.J.

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