What’s in my hospital bag?!

_MG_4067So I have packed and repacked my hospital bag multiple times in case I have forgotten anything. There are so many different lists online and each one has different items listed. You go into the hospital thinking that you will only be there overnight so that is pretty much what I packed….an overnight bag. Well actually…I packed two bags…one for myself and one for Penny.



In Penny’s Bag:

Changing Pad
An outfit to leave the hospital in – Purchased from The GAP
Wet wipes
A bottle ( just in case )
A little blanket
Hand Sanitizer
A Swaddle blanket

My Bag:

An outfit to go home in
Undies and socks
Face wash
Belly Wrap – I hear these are a must have! I will keep you posted on that!
Phone charger
A little makeup bag
A robe

That pretty much sums up what I packed with me. I am only a 10 minute drive from the hospital so if I really need anything, my husband can always take a trip home. I am excited for the day I get to take little Penny home! Stay tuned everyone! Hopefully this list is pretty accurate!


  • N.J.




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