Penny’s Room!

As some of you may know, I am going to be a new mom in around 8 days ( by the time you read this it will be less than that! Oh boy!). I couldn’t be more excited! I decided to do a quick little post to show how I set up Penelope’s first room.

I love elephants so I have a few items that are elephant related. I wanted to keep things simple and clean since I will be moving in a year. We live in an apartment so I would rather not going through the hassle of painting and having to repaint the room after. I would like to add some gold polka dots to the wall that her crib is against. I found some cute wall decals online that just stick on the wall!


Her crib is the best thing ever! My mother purchased it for me at Babies R Us and it comes with a changing table attached to it. This crib can also convert into two different style beds so Penny can keep using this as she grows! The changing table also transforms into a night stand so you can put a little lamp on it next to the bed.


I really like that the changing table is attached to it. It helps save space in her room which is actually considered a “den.”Changing tables can be pretty pricey…



There is plenty of storage for her diapers and there are shelves behind the drawers to store some more items.


We have a tiny little library going for her already. Dr. Seuss is a classic and favorite of mine! Can’t wait to stock up on more books as she gets older.



We have a little dresser to store all of her clothes in for now. She has a bigger collection than me already! 😀



Can’t wait to dress her up in all of her little accessories!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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