My Fireplace Mantel

A quick look into my home.

I love decorating! I love candles, plants, flowers, anything girly looking. Since I am married, I need to keep things semi neutral for my husband. He likes the color blue so I let him have that. ( HAHA ) I wanted to add some girly elements to the fireplace…

d5435b3f-96e9-4443-8173-773aa6ca4749I have been into gold lately which is why I purchased this gold foil print from Hobby Lobby. I am a bit obsessed with that store…you can find everything from cute decor to all of your DIY essentials.

Your fireplace is such a focal point in a room. I never know what to put on my mantel….I used to have a ton of photos, but it looked too cluttered. I thought I would keep it simple and light for Spring time.


The photo hanging on the wall was picked out by my husband. 🙂  Since we live in an apartment with pets and a baby on the way, we never light the fireplace….for safety reasons. I put fake LED candles in there so we can technically light it without anyone getting hurt. I think it would look really neat to add more in there…


Hope you liked it!

Stay beautiful!



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