Drugstore Lipstick Pt.1 (Covergirl and Maybelline)

Over the years I noticed that I am an avid lipstick collector. I thought it would be fun to go through some of my favorite lipsticks and start with the drugstore brands. I know that liquid lipsticks are very popular now and I love them as well, which is why I will be doing a post later on about my favorite matte lipsticks.


Swatches ( I am very pale so they show up very bright for me )


Hot Chauleur by Covergirl

I love this color! I love this lipstick because it goes on smooth and light. It’s not clumpy or thick and wears for quit a while. This lipstick also moisturizes and makes your lips softer from what I can tell from wearing it. This particular color is a very bright red tone.

Coral Crush by Maybelline

This is such a fun Summer color! It’s very bright  with some orange tone to it. I like the packaging and the bright case which showcases what the color will look like ( for the most part).

Violet Intrigue by Maybelline

This is a really nice purple tone…violet to be exact. It goes on smooth, super pigmented, and lasts a while. It’s a really great tone of purple without being too dark. These maybelline lipsticks also have a shine to them. They are not sticky by any means but they are not matte.

Blushing Beige by Maybelline

48a156c4-ad6a-4c7f-971b-0228217d4480Nude tones can be tricky. It all depends on what your skin tone is. My skin tone is very fair so this color works really well for me. This is my go to nude color! I love everything about it. It’s still darker than my skin but gives my lips a very nice natural shine. Like I said, I wear nudes everyday so they tend to go quickly. I usually always buy them at drugstores because of this reason.

Lilac Flush by Maybelline

This is a very light purple. You will need to apply a few coats if you want it to be bright, but I like the shine to it. The color reminds me of the lavender unicorn by Limecrime only more shiny and less pigmented.

Vivid Rose by Maybelline

This color photographed red but it is actually a pink with blue undertones to it. Very Barbie pink.

Temptress by Covergirl

This color reminds me of the MAC version of Viva Glam Nicki Minaj. It’s a very playful and bright pink. Perfect for Summer or a date night. This color looks great with a very soft eye…I usually pair it with some light brown tones. ( The Naked Palette )

Divine Wine by Maybelline

This lipstick claims to be matte, but it isn’t matte. Still very lovely, not as shiny as the previous ones but there’s still a creaminess to it. This color is a burgundy reddish brown. It’s the perfect color for fall/winter.

These are just a few of my favorite colors. Stay tuned for Part 2 and I will be discussing Loreal and NYX! 🙂

Stay beautiful!



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